Route Finder - UK and Ireland

Planning a journey can be a nightmare when you know you'll hit traffic trouble spots! Endlessly ploughing through Atlas' and maps trying to find alternative routes can be a real pain staking experience. But Route Finder - UK & Ireland can put an end to such dilemmas, providing you with a fast, no-fuss route planner.

Simply enter the start location and destination of your journey (using place names or UK postcodes) and within seconds, Route Finder will calculate your optimum route and alternative journey plans! For even more efficient planning, Route Finder will not only calculate the best route, but also your approximate time of arrival and the number of miles. If you're travelling to several places, simply click on the 'via' option and select as many destinations as you require. 

Whether you are trying to locate far removed places, or you are planning and costing a business or pleasure trip, Route Finder - UK & Ireland has all that you need. So don't stall, give fast, fuss-free journey planning the green light! 

  • Covers the UK and whole of Ireland including the latest road network
  • Print out your chosen route and directions and keep in the car as your own personalised copy 
  • Covers 35,000 locations and 180,000 miles of road
  • Provides five levels of route information
  • Includes a 'Zoom' facility on the map section
  • All road network information comes from AND Mapping which is the leading supplier of European Digital Mapping data to government and industry.
Minimum System Requirements
Windows 3.11 or Windows 95/98, 486DX 33Mhz processor or faster (Pentium recommended), 4Mb free hard disk space, 8MB RAM (16Mb recommended) & dual speed CD-ROM drive. 
Route Finder - UK and Ireland PC CDROM software

Price: £8.50 (+VAT)
Format: PC CDROM
Product Code: ESS162